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    Web site account management broken...

    Each time I launch AC Origins, Ubisoft connect will ask me for my user name and password. Regardless of the remember me button.. I am trying to set my computer as trusted (I play in my house with the same computer and ip address), also downloaded the mobile app just in case.
    When I attempt to do a 2-step verification, they send my a code to my mobile phone. I set it up and click on the link... and I receive this message: Requested link to activate 2-step verification invalid or timed out. And ask me to redo the whole prosses.

    I am really surprised that a game brand such as ubisoft, who developed good games like AC cant even manage website and accounts correctly.. It is a shame that we payed for a good service and instead I have to place my account info EVERY TIME a want to play a game of yours. As you can read I am very frustrated, I don't even hope to get a reply.. just want you to think about it, if doing a lame work at this point, after working sooo hard in this great games really worth it? And for us buyers the same question.. BTW Ill try to post this every where I can so somebody who cares gets to read it.
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    26 oct, 20
    Hi Puchitricius,

    Sorry, you can just speak Spanish here. Could you please share your case on the English forums? You can also talk with our Support team here: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/help.

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