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    06 jul, 12

    Parches semanales

    tengo una duda haber si me la resolveis y es por que pesan tanto los parches del ghost vamos llevamos 4 parches y en cada parche son 6Gb menos el ultinmo que son 7 gb que es lo que habeis canbiado ya qwue yo sigo biendo eljuego igual.
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    Pues yo lo tengo y es el prime parche que se me ha iniciado en unas semanas,quizás se corrompió algún dato y volvió a bajárselo,

    El parche es más para arreglar cosas más que para añadirlas.En ingles tienes los arreglos aquí :

    Spoiler:  Show

    -In "Nidia's Cash" :

    -Fixed a bug where the rebels wouldn't follow the player

    -Fixed a bug where the player couldn't interact with the laptop again after being killed while using it

    -In "Madre Coca" :

    -Fixed a bug where the rebels wouldn't enter their cars if affected by external stimuli

    -In "General Baro" :

    -Fixed a bug where killing the general before reaching the meeting point would not result in a game over, preventing player progression

    -In "The Bank Heist" :

    -Fixed a bug where the wrong path would be displayed on the GPS

    -In "The Mole" :

    -Fixed a bug where the mission couldn't progress if the Mole was affected by an external stimuli

    -Fixed a bug where the player would be prompted with "Mission Failed" after triggering a Rebellion Rising convoy while having another main mission active

    -Fixed various other triggers preventing or disrupting mission completion


    -The Kingslayer intro video no longer triggers at each boot

    -Fixed a bug where HUD elements would appear greyed-out when activating HDR

    -Fixed a bug where the wrong character would be displayed when selecting a different save slot

    -Fixed a bug where an incorrect maintenance time would be displayed in the notifications

    -Added new options in the HUD settings :

    -"Input reminders" was split into "Input reminders" and "contextual actions"

    -"Markers" was split into "Objective markers," "communication markers," "enemy/rebels markers," "Item & location markers," "sync shot," and "alert markers"

    -Added "Detection clouds" - the players can now turn off the enemy detection clouds on the MINIMAP

    -Fixed a bug where the difficulty setting would change for each save slot instead of remembering -player preferences for every slot

    -Fixed a bug where the "NEW" marker would remain active on already-owned inventory items

    -Added in-game time & latitude/longitude information to the tacmap

    -Fixed a gunsmith bug where the attachments would appear offset


    -Fixed a bug where players couldn't finish the final mission if hot-joining after the first mission steps have been completed by another player

    -Fixed a bug where only the host would have a GPS trail in the first mission

    -Added the possibility for players to warn their teammates that they’re down

    -Players will now redeploy at the mission starting point when dying instead of respawning randomly in the world


    -Fixed a gunsmith bug where the player couldn't edit any other weapon than the last used

    -Fixed a bug where the rebel skills would re-lock if entering main menu during cooldown

    -Fixed a bug where the helicopters wouldn't attack the rebel radios when the player is hiding

    -Fixed a bug where equipping a suppressor in the gunsmith would consume a full magazine when returning in-game

    -Players can now equip the handgun by double-tapping the button even when all weapons are holstered

    -Fixed a bug where the AI teammates couldn't perform a sync shot when markers where deactivated in the HUD

    -Fixed diversion grenades not working when the enemies are investigating the player's position

    -Fixed a bug where resources could be tagged twice if killed while claiming them

    -Resource crates are now granted upon collection to every teammate in the player's zone

    -Improved aim consistency when shooting behind cover

    -Fixed a bug where NPCs wouldn't detect the player when swimming next to them

    -Rebel skills now have separate cooldowns timers

    -In stealth missions, players now have a short time to kill alerted enemies to avoid failing the mission

    -Challenges now include different goals based on difficulty and HUD settings

    -Fixed a bug where the Unidad would stop spawning even if the alert level is still active

    -Fixed a bug where the SVD sniper scopes would be misaligned when switching between zoomed in and over the shoulder


    - Fixed some NPC Dialogue barks:

    - Incoming Grenade

    - Entering combat

    - Chopper down

    - Added some NPC Dialogue barks:

    - Destroying alarm panel

    - Chopper reinforcement incoming

    -Radios will remain on/off from vehicle to vehicle according to the last player input

    -Fixed a bug where picking up a medal could trigger the same dialogue twice in the same session

    -Fixed a bug where the "missile incoming" sound would remain active when the player jumped from the helicopter

    -Fixed a bug where no SFX would be played when equipping suppressors


    -Various animations polished

    -Various camera transitions polished

    -Fixed a bug where dead enemies' weapons would get stuck in walls


    -Fixed several walls through which the players could be spotted and shot

    -Fixed several spots where the player could get stuck or fall through the map

    -Fixed a bug where traffic vehicles would sink into the ground or jump when crossing bridges

    -Repositioned some items that were impossible to pick up

    -Something was seen roaming the mountains


    -Fixed various crashes

    -Fixed various connectivity issues


    -Fixed an issue where perma-boost from SP was not available on PS4

    -Fixed a bug where the player would lose main game progression when entering the DLC

    -Fixed a bug where one player driving an air spray plane could trigger another player's air spray

    -Fixed a bug where using nitro for an extended period of time could create graphical corruption

    -Fixed a bug where an air spray activity could fail with no reason

    -Fixed a bug where the spy percentage would not progress after a mission failure

    -Fixed a bug where the activity vehicles would only spawn for the first player

    -Fixed various crashes

    -Fixed various installation bugs

    -Fixed various network bugs


    -Fixed an issue where if the user would turn on Left Handed mode in the Keyboard and Mouse menu, the Fast Travel option would no longer work

    -Fixed an issue where the detection gauge and the damage direction arrow would still be displayed on screen after hiding the HUD

    -Fixed an issue where the reward icons in the Challenges menu page would not be correctly displayed

    -Fixed an issue where the game would display a black screen on AMD hardware when using the Eyefinity setup in full screen mode

    -Fixed an issue where the game would auto restart itself after selecting Quit to Desktop from Narco Road DLC

    -Fixed an issue where the 360 screenshots made with NVIDIA Ansel while having the thermal vision ON, would display graphical corruptions

    -Fixed an issue where the PS4 controller would lose its vibration during gameplay

    -Fixed an issue where the game language would change itself after a game restart on Steam

    Respecto a novedades,son configuraciones de la HUD principalmente,para activar o desactivar los iconos de armas,accesorios,misiones,secudnarias,etc y la "nube" de enemigos que hay en el minimapa,pero sin tener que desactivar el minimapa o cambiar la dificultad
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