Ver la Versión Completa : No puedo cargar el juego

14/09/2017, 00:19
cuando voy a iniciar el juego me empieza cargar pero de pronto me sale una venta con el siguiente contenido:
Unknown file version (D:\ PROGRAMAS INSTALADOS\Ubisoft Game Launcher\Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands\shadercontainer_engine_win64_f.dll)
que debo hacer

25/09/2017, 09:41
En tu caso, actualizar los driver de la tarjeta gráfica. A mi me sucede algo parecido, pero se me queda en la pantalla de carga, y ya. Y ninguna solucion actual me es viable.
En mi caso creo que es el mismo juego de Ubisoft, porque tengo todo correctamente!

25/09/2017, 11:42
H eencontrado una posible solución, en inglés :

Hi all,

So after two weeks of trying to get this game working managed to get some game play today...here's how. It might not work for all but give it a go.

Pulled both GTX cards out of the computer and tested each one individually to see if either card was at fault, each card on its own performed ok but came up with the usual "Display driver has stopped working..."

1. I uninstalled the Nvidia drivers using the program DDU (Display Driver Uninstall). I loaded the DDU up in safe mode and clicked the icon to completely remove all drivers and then reboot.

DDU website - http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/deta...installer.html

2. Once the computer rebooted I installed driver set 368.69 and rebooted once more. Windows loaded fine.

3. I ran DXDIAG and checked the display tab to see if there were any errors...they were none.

4. I clicked on the icon for Wildlands and the game ran through the usual video sequences and then to the main menu. Clicked on the save game and it managed to enter the game, which I managed to run without crashing for ten minuets.

Just wanted to share my findings with you as every little helps with the process of elimination for all the people who are also experiencing issues.