Ver la Versión Completa : Ideas de la comunidad aprobadas

04/04/2016, 21:03
En el foro oficial han aprobado ideas de los jugadores que iran poniendo.
Aquí la lista:

Aim Toggle - ADS Toggle
Facial accessories - Hide
Glasses to act as cosmetic items
Speech loop in BoO (a.k.a. crying guy near crafting)
Exiting Game when kicked because of maintenance (currently no option to exit)
Be able to craft multiple items at the same time (particularly materials)
More Character Customization
Let players rebind Alt Key on PC
Clan support
Voice Indicator (indicator when you're using voice)
Battle Stats
Compare weapons without mods
Mission scaling
Lock Items for deconstruct/selling
More filter possibilities
Fast travel to Brooklyn
Inspect other player’s gear
Weapon skins to function as cosmetic items (not taking up space in inventory)
Buyback option at vendor
Preview cosmetic items in DZ, or have them not count toward DZ inventory
Option to save outfits (cosmetic)
Option to preview cosmetic items
Competitive team v team mode
Random world events to give love to lower level areas after endgame (random world bosses in low level areas for instance)
Sound indicator when group is found with matchmaking
Option for Class Setups (auto-equip, needing cooldown and out-of-combat qualifiers)
Make civilians drop weapon skins
Let weapon skins be used on multiple weapons (not single-use)
Vote kick for matchmade groups instead of leader's discretion
Hoodies with hoods up
Half-face masks such as bandanas, balaclavas

07/04/2016, 02:38
Están muy bien la verdad. A ver si van añadiendo cosas al juego.