Ver la Versión Completa : Game restarts

12/03/2014, 21:56
Not is the first time it happens, I go into the SC to play my campaign and I get the video of the mission 0 because the game has been restarted and with that I lost all my achievements and equipment purchased, apart from me I have to spend again the missions had already miss. came here to ask if you can save the game somehow so that this does not happen every time you update Uplay, because ----

Sorry for the bad English, I did it through google translator

13/03/2014, 09:32
Hello elcachi,

This is the Spanish Forum for the Spanish users, and I don't know if you are an Spanish user writing in English due to a confusion or simply a foreign user. If this last one is your case, please go to the forums of your country and explain the problem there, if not, please write in Spanish so I can attend you and the rest of the users can understand your problem. And please, don't ever mention piracy again or I will be forced to ban you from this community.

Best regards