Ver la Versión Completa : [The Division 2] 🛠 Mantenimiento, 17 de marzo

16/03/2020, 14:47

¡Hey, agentes!

Mañana, martes 17 de marzo habrá mantenimiento en The Division 2 de 09:30 AM a 12:30 PM peninsulares, por lo que en esas 3 horas no podréis acceder a Nueva York/ Washington.

¡Perdonad las molestias!

17/03/2020, 10:48
Y asi llevamos ya varios dias casi seguidos con mantenimientos :confused::confused:

17/03/2020, 11:05
Se puede saber que es lo que habeis echo en esta actualizacion de 2.11 gb?

17/03/2020, 11:25
Se puede saber que es lo que habeis echo en esta actualizacion de 2.11 gb?

Maintenance Notes:

We are temporarily disabling the ability to reset seasonal manhunts to prevent lost progression towards a manhunt. This is a temporary solution while we are working on a more permanent fix meant to release later in March. Once the final fix is implemented, we will reactive the ability to reset manhunts.
Fixed a progression blocker where an NPC became stuck at the last stage in Castle Clinton.
Fixed an issue that granted an incorrect number of Specialization Points per SHD level.
Fixed an issue where blue quality items dropped from regular NPCs in the DZ regardless of player max level.
Fixed an issue where players would gain multiple seasonal caches.
Fixed an issue with seasonal cache rewards becoming contaminated if players leveled in the season whilst in the DZ.
Fixed an issue that prevented players from gaining seasonal XP from DZ activities.
Fixed an issue where enemy NPCs would disappear at The Nest Control Point, halting progress at the "defend stage".
Fixed an issue that prevented completion of The Nest Control Point on challenging difficulty.
Fixed an issue that would cause some NPCs to be stuck at spawn in various Control Points.
Fixed some puzzle reset issues on all Hunter encounters.
Fixed an issue causing Hunter encounters to give too many keys.
If you received too many keys, you won’t receive new keys until your completed encounters match your amount of keys.

These fixes are part of the ongoing efforts to fix bugs discovered since the launch of Warlords of New York and we are working on further changes/fixes that require additional time and will be deployed once ready.

17/03/2020, 11:35

El mantenimiento se ha visto alargado una hora más de lo esperado.

Disculpad las molestias

17/03/2020, 11:42
Eliminado por moderación

17/03/2020, 14:47
Bueno y cuando se solucionara el bug de esta zona
No me deja dormir por las noches