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23/09/2019, 03:00
Hi, my name is Jordi and I am Spanish from Barcelona. I have noticed that lately I decai a bit of the Just Dance game and it is a shame because it is what makes people have a goal in improving their skills over all dance and it is also what More excitement has for someone who likes to dance improve learning I am a normal person but I see something that could contribute, a grain of sand in infinite sea but only with a grain of sand changes the course of history that I want to refer here I see that it could be taken advantage of such a beautiful thing as learning dance and wanting to see you wanting to learn, twitch is a tool for people to know how to dance, why not take advantage of it could create a tournament on twitch since the tool that is most used to Just Dance that people see you dancing while at home a tournament queens people and get something special. I guess you are in the question of what we do now because I think it's time to change a little things and that people have a goal how to make a tournament and win it for being the best dancer of Just Dance as a reward would be a figure in the new project of the new song that would come out, I'm sure you're in it but nobody knows how to innovate without fear of being done from work because of failure, well here you have the answer since you are not going to be able to make me and I expose a reality I have innovation just talk and reach an agreement with twich is easy only talk.

23/09/2019, 10:04
Puedes hablar en español, es el foro para ello