Ver la Versión Completa : For Honor Crash all the time

30/05/2017, 04:47
For Honor crash end match....:mad:

15/08/2017, 22:34
Me too, always freeze at the end of the game.
I'm tired of not being able to play for that mistake that we have some players since many months ago.

16/08/2017, 15:49

This the Spanish forums, so our rule of thumb is to provide assistance and information to the Spanish users. We do obviously have an English forum, which is probably the one you are looking for. You can simply change the language by clicking on the little flag next to "configuration", on top of this page.


19/08/2017, 05:19
ubi-tali you should be able to answer this at least man its not very difficulty.

05/09/2017, 15:47
En castellano.

Me parece increíble que le pase esto a una parte de la comunidad.
Necesito jugar el doble e invertir mucho tiempo para poder ganar experiencia o dinero, pese a el resto de bugs que hay, que es comprensible,
pero no se " recompensa" de ninguna manera por ese fallo de la compañía.
Me parece una falta de respeto sinceramente.