Ver la Versión Completa : (PC) Far cry 4 and Season Pass disappeared from my account

19/03/2017, 23:33
Since last platform update Far cry 4 and Season Pass just disappeared from the list of my games as if I do not have them at all. I opened the ticket on support 9 of March and I am still waiting for reply. Seems, that nobody cares. 11 days past ! Is any solution in this case ? I have found on net that some users experienced same issue other years after Uplay´s update but I did not see how to solve it.

My case number 04511244 , if someone can help.

12/05/2017, 00:14
After long waiting I got the help finally. The problem was my fault but now coop in the game does not work. I can not invite friend, as the friend can not invite me also. We could join to random players on matchmaking but we can not join each other. Frustrating.

03/04/2018, 02:09
Hello! I have the same problem with the Season Pass, the problem is that when I want to go to the Play Store to download the contents it always says that an error has occurred I expect your answer ... Thanks